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Our Story

Inspired by Brian Withrow-Walker.

He called me one summer afternoon to tell me about the many eatery places that he had visited. There was a popsicle place in his hometown that was "really good" and I should definitely come home and try it. The following weekend the family drove an hour north to visit. While we were in town we stopped by the suggested shop and we were sold. The youngest daughter Nyila Tyann(NyTy) was convinced that we should make our own popsicles and sell them at our neighborhood yard sale. The yard sale went to craft festivals. From craft festivals we started attending larger events such as Gallatin, TN Freedom Festival. 

Now here we are building a website for our customers. Hoping to convince the significant other that we can make this a family business and soon open up our own popsicle place that inspires other people as Brian did to me.

Nyila Ty
Our Lollies(popsicles)


Our lollies are made with locally grown produce. The strawberries and blueberries are handpicked at Circle S Farms in Lebanon, TN.


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